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  • 谭炜,时期美,曾欣,谢渭芬.嗜酸性粒细胞筹集症17例临床特质及预后辨析[J].第二军医大学学报,2018,39(2):207-211    [点击抄写]
  • TAN Wei,SHI Pei-mei,ZENG Xin,XIE Wei-fen.A retrospective analysis of clinical characteristics and prognosis of 17 patients with eosinophilic 肠胃消化障碍[j] J Sec Mil Med Univ,2018,39(2):207-211   [点击抄写]
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第二军医大学长征旅客招待所化食科, 上海 200003
目标 嗜酸粒细胞性胃消化障碍的临床特质及预后辨析,为不安的最初诊断断定和搀杂供给物由于。方式 回退性辨析2009年7月至2017年1月第二军医大学长征旅客招待所诊断的17例EG病号的临床材料。成果 病人比嘿多,男女比例:1,病号(9/17)有超敏性病历。。首要临床表现为无故抱怨。,13/17),二是腹胀,7/17)。拥有病号嗜酸性粒细胞计数筹集。;内镜反省显示损害首要谎话适合口的窦腔。、胃体与十二指肠降部,粘膜大吃与腐败。病理活检(13例)和/或腹水反省(5例)。腹部CT反省8例,胃壁或小腹壁浮肿和增厚,肠系膜增厚。糖皮质激素是搀杂EG的首要训练。,无效松弛征兆。随访材料13例,朝内的7例再犯。,再犯率为(7/13)。,再犯后应用糖皮质激素仍是无效的。。断定 临床表现缺少种特性。,内镜下屡次活检是诊断断定的结症,糖皮质激素无效松弛征兆并节食外周血嗜酸粒细胞计数。
结症词:  嗜酸细胞性肠胃消化障碍  诊断断定  搀杂  预后  糖皮质激素
A retrospective analysis of clinical characteristics and prognosis of 17 patients with eosinophilic gastroenteritis
TAN Wei,SHI Pei-mei,ZENG Xin,XIE Wei-fen*
(机关) of Gastroenterology, Changzheng Hospital, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai 200003, China
*Corresponding 作者)
Objective To analyze the clinical characteristics of eosinophilic gastroenteritis (如) so as to provide evidence for early diagnosis and treatment of EG. Methods The clinical data of 17 patients with EG, who were admitted to Changzheng Hospital of Second Military Medical University from Jul. 2009 to Jan. 2017, were retrospectively 辨析。 Results Male patients had a higher prevalence of EG and occurrence ratio of male and female was :1. Nine () of the 17 patients had a history of 过敏性反应。 The most common symptoms were abdominal pain (13/17, ), followed by abdominal distension (7/17, ). Peripheral eosinophil count elevated in the 17 病号。 Endoscopic examination showed that the lesions were mainly located in the gastric antrum, gastric body and descendant duodenum, and the most common finding were mucosal 非冻疮。 Biopsy of 13 cases and/or ascites examination of 5 cases showed eosinophil infiltration in the 损害。 Abdominal CT scanning of 8 cases showed stomach or partial small bowel wall thickening with edema and thickened 肠系膜 Glucocorticoid therapy was the main treatment for EG, and it could effectively relieve the 征兆。 Seven of 13 cases who were followed up had relapse, with the recurrence rate being (7/13), and were improved after administration of glucocorticoid 重新。 Conclusion The clinical manifestation of EG is non-specific, and the endoscopic multi-point biopsy is the key to diagnose EG. Glucocorticoid can effectively relieve symptoms of EG and reduce peripheral eosinophils 伯爵。
Key words:  eosinophilic gastroenteritis  diagnosis  treatment  prognosis  glucocorticoid




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